Uncrossing and Unhexing Oil Recipes

I was able to find some oil recipes I’d really like to share with all of you. I’ve noticed that quite a few witches (and mundanes) get cursed or hexed (or at least believe they have been) and don’t know what they should do about it. I personally, have never had this issue, but what… Continue reading Uncrossing and Unhexing Oil Recipes


Magickal Bath Recipes

Anti-Hex Bath 4 parts Rosemary 3 parts Juniper 2 parts Bay 1 part Mugwort Aphrodisiac Bath 3 parts Rose Petals 2 parts Rosemary 2 parts Thyme 1 part Myrtle 1 part Jasmine Flowers 1 part Acacia Flowers 3 drops Musk Oil Aphrodite’s Sacred Milk & Flower Bath 1 liter(quart) Milk 10 drops Orange Oil 6… Continue reading Magickal Bath Recipes

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15 Ways to Honor the Full Moon

When the moon is full, we can feel all of its energies flowing down onto us, thus making it one of the most powerful times for witches. During the full moon, many witches, Wiccans, and Pagans perform esbat rituals, while others do simpler things, like drawing down the moon. Whether you’d like to do something simple… Continue reading 15 Ways to Honor the Full Moon

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Herbal Remedies

Acne: Aloe vera, bee balm, calendula, cornflower, dandelion, evening primrose, feverfew, goldenseal, green tea, lemongrass, periwinkle, violet, yarrow Age Spots: Onion After-Shave: Sage AIDS: Aloe vera, green tea Alertness: Ginkgo Allergic Reactions: Aloe vera Alzheimer’s Disease: Broccoli, ginkgo, sage Antiseptic: Bee balm, Cornflower, eucalyptus, goldenrod, lavender, sage, St. John’s wort Anti-Aging: Broccoli, ginkgo, ginseng, green… Continue reading Herbal Remedies

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Herbal Teas

This post will be a direct quote from Wicca: The Complete Course. All of this post is credited to D.J. Conway. These are some of my favorite recipes. Herbal teas as opposed to herbal brews are meant to be drunk. If you suspect you might be allergic to any of the herbal ingredients, be cautious… Continue reading Herbal Teas

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Communion – Cakes and Ale

Communion, originally called cakes and ale, is the idea of eating and drinking something sacred in celebration of one’s deity. In a ritual set up, this is usually done after all other magickal workings and is the last thing done before closing the circle. When not taking communion, the cakes and ale are set to… Continue reading Communion – Cakes and Ale