Food and Their Magickal Properties

There’s quite a few ways to make your meals a bit more magickal. An easy way to do so is use food that correspond with what your intent will be. Here is a list of common goods and their correspondences.   Alfalfa: soothing, calming, stress, luck, money, abundance Alfalfa Sprouts: money, psychic awareness, youth Allspice:… Continue reading Food and Their Magickal Properties


Balance Your Chakras With Food

One of the ways to help balance your chakras is to eat a balanced diets. Foods, especially those that matching colors with the chakras, have vibrations that can activate and balance that chakra.   Muladhara, 1st chakra The root chakra, located at the base of the spine is responsible for your grounding and survival in… Continue reading Balance Your Chakras With Food