Florida Water

Florida Water is a version of Eau de Cologne, whose name is in reference to the fountain of youth. Brought to the United States in the early 1800’s, Florida Water was instantly dubbed “the most popular cologne in the world”. There are quite a few different ways to make Florida Water, but they all tend… Continue reading Florida Water

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15 Ways to Honor the Full Moon

When the moon is full, we can feel all of its energies flowing down onto us, thus making it one of the most powerful times for witches. During the full moon, many witches, Wiccans, and Pagans perform esbat rituals, while others do simpler things, like drawing down the moon. Whether you’d like to do something simple… Continue reading 15 Ways to Honor the Full Moon


Planetary Incense

Use the following incense recipes for planetary spellwork. Note: Mix the dry ingredients first, then add the oil sparingly. This allows you to experiment with the consistency of the incense. Sun Mix equal parts of: Cinnamon, angelica, rosemary, sandalwood, and frankincense Oil: Cinnamon oil Moon Mix equal parts of:  Lemon balm, myrrh, and eucalyptus Oil:… Continue reading Planetary Incense


Crafting Your Own Tools

For many Wiccans and witches, it is important for them to make their own tools. Most of the tools used by witches are quite cheap and easy to make. I will provide a list of tools, how to make them, and links of great tutorials. Athame While an athame is traditionally made with an iron/steel… Continue reading Crafting Your Own Tools


Magickal Inks

Dragon’s Blood Ink 1 part Dragon’s Blood resin 1 part Gum Arabic 15 parts Alcohol Grind resin and steep in alcohol until dissolved. Add ground Gun Arabic, filter, and bottle. Dove’s Blood Ink 1 part Dragon’s Blood resin 1 part Gum Arabic 2 parts Bay Essential Oil 2 parts Cinnamon Essential Oil 2 parts Rose… Continue reading Magickal Inks