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Is It Important To Give a Year And a Day?

The year and a day philosophy has different meanings in different traditions. In most traditions, you must wait a year and a day before you can be initiated into the coven, usually Wiccan. In others, it is the time you must take to study before you begin practicing magick. I believe, in both cases, following… Continue reading Is It Important To Give a Year And a Day?

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Witch Tip : Make as Many Social Media Accounts as Possible

One of the best pieces of advice I have gotten is to join as many social networks as possible. Social media sites like Facebook, tumblr, and Pinterest are a great ways to find spells and rituals, people to connect with, and multitudes of resources. Facebook has hundreds of witchy related groups that are absolutely amazing… Continue reading Witch Tip : Make as Many Social Media Accounts as Possible



Lakshmi, occasionally spelt Laksmi or Laxmi, is the Hindu goddess of abundance and prosperity, but not only in the material sense, but also in spirituality in the form of knowledge and wisdom. Her name is derived from “laksya”, the Sanskrit word meaning aim or goal, since she represents what we should be striving towards. Lakshmi… Continue reading Lakshmi

Every Day Witch · For Beginners

Witchcraft: Real Life vs Fantasy

Whether you are starting out on your path, or trying to understand someone close to you who is on theirs, understanding what witchcraft really is, and what it isn’t, is important. Biggest thing you should know is witchcraft in real life is much different than it is in the media. Witchcraft in movies and books… Continue reading Witchcraft: Real Life vs Fantasy


Mabon Correspondences

Other name: Harvest Home Date: September 20, 21, or 22 Meaning of the word: “Divine youth” Primary Focus: Second harvest, offering of vegetable and fruit harvest, corn festival Age of holiday: 3000 B.C. or older Astrological Sign: 1° Libra Planetary ruler: Venus Color Associations: Red, Gold, Dark Red, Orange, Yellow, Maroon, Brown, Indigo Herbs: Rue,… Continue reading Mabon Correspondences


Feather Correspondences

Feathers can be used for a few different things in magick, like being a physical symbol of air, to help on soar towards success, escape from an unwanted situation, or communicate with spirits, angels, and familiars. When you want to use feathers in your magickal workings, you can simply place the feather in the Eastern… Continue reading Feather Correspondences

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Do I believe in angels and demons?

While angels and demons are a Christian concept and many Pagans completely deny their existence, I do believe in them. I have a bit of strange beliefs on what angels and demons are: I don’t believe they exist in just Christianity. I believe angels are entities that do good and lead people towards a better… Continue reading Do I believe in angels and demons?