Every Day Witch

Common Misconceptions
Your Book of Power
Setting Up Your Altar
Witchcraft on a Budget
Black and White Magick
What To Do With Spellwork Leftovers
A Little Bit on Dream Interpretation
A “Workbook of Shadows”

For Beginners & Broom Closet Witches
Paganism vs Wicca vs Witchcraft
Before You Start Your Magickal Path
Advice For Those Beginning Their Magickal Path
Why Magick Fails
Witchcraft: Real Life vs Fantasy
Is It Important To Give a Year And a Day?

Spirits & Familiars
The Witch’s Familiar
What is a Spirit Guide?
I want a familiar. What can I do about it?

Witch Tips
Money & Money Offerings
Make as Many Social Media Accounts as Possible

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