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My Samhain 2016 Ritual

So I’m going to share what I did for my Samhain 2016 ritual. I will be censoring some of the more personal bits, but I will share as much as I can. I think I will start sharing more of my spells and rituals, as long as they aren’t too personal. I may even start… Continue reading My Samhain 2016 Ritual

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My Self Dedication Ritual

So I will be sharing my original self dedication ritual with you. I performed this ritual a few years ago and did so to dedicate myself to my journey. You are more than welcome to use my ritual as an outline for your self dedication ritual, but you should change it to better fit your… Continue reading My Self Dedication Ritual

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Why You Should Write Your Own Spells and Rituals

I briefly covered why you should write your own spells and rituals in one of my previous posts, Why Magick Fails. This will be a relatively short post, but this is a topic I’ve found myself preaching often, so I feel compelled to write a more detailed reasoning behind it. I believe you should always… Continue reading Why You Should Write Your Own Spells and Rituals

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Drawing Down the Sun

  Drawing down the sun is similar to drawing down the moon, but is also the exact opposite. When you draw down the sun, you call upon the sun to fill you with it’s energies. The sun is is associated with masculinity and the God, so after the ritual is performed, they feel strong, energized,… Continue reading Drawing Down the Sun

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What To Do With Spellwork Leftovers

Once you’ve completed your spells and rituals, you can have remnants and not know what to do with them. These leftovers include ashes, candle stubs, and herbs. They are all important and it doesn’t seem appropriate to just throw these items away. While it isn’t wise to hold onto all of the leftovers, some can… Continue reading What To Do With Spellwork Leftovers

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Casting a Circle

In many Pagan religions, one of the traditions is to cast a circle when needing a sacred space to perform magickal workings. Quite a few traditions do not require casting a circle, and most will cast them differently. I will provide a few different ways I have casted circles, you can modify them to better… Continue reading Casting a Circle

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How to Write and Plan Your Own Ritual

A ritual is a set of tasks designed for a specific purpose. The two main purposes for rituals would be acts of honor and working magick. Acts of honor can include sabbats and esbats, initiations and dedications, wiccanings, handfastings, and crossings, and more. There are a few important things you should know and ask yourself… Continue reading How to Write and Plan Your Own Ritual