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8 Crystals Every Beginner Should Have

While I believe in the logic that you don’t need anything to practice witchcraft, there are some crystals I think are essential for any crystal healer’s collection. There are so many different kinds of crystals and minerals that can help your craft; but I picked the ones I believe every beginner, and experienced, witch should… Continue reading 8 Crystals Every Beginner Should Have

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Is It Important To Give a Year And a Day?

The year and a day philosophy has different meanings in different traditions. In most traditions, you must wait a year and a day before you can be initiated into the coven, usually Wiccan. In others, it is the time you must take to study before you begin practicing magick. I believe, in both cases, following… Continue reading Is It Important To Give a Year And a Day?

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Witch Tip : Make as Many Social Media Accounts as Possible

One of the best pieces of advice I have gotten is to join as many social networks as possible. Social media sites like Facebook, tumblr, and Pinterest are a great ways to find spells and rituals, people to connect with, and multitudes of resources. Facebook has hundreds of witchy related groups that are absolutely amazing… Continue reading Witch Tip : Make as Many Social Media Accounts as Possible

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Witchcraft: Real Life vs Fantasy

Whether you are starting out on your path, or trying to understand someone close to you who is on theirs, understanding what witchcraft really is, and what it isn’t, is important. Biggest thing you should know is witchcraft in real life is much different than it is in the media. Witchcraft in movies and books… Continue reading Witchcraft: Real Life vs Fantasy

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A “Workbook of Shadows”

Okay y’all. I’m going to share something that I think is essential for witches, but I just about never see any other witches have. I call it a workbook of shadows. All it is is a notebook consisting of lists and layouts of things and information you’d like to put in your book of power.… Continue reading A “Workbook of Shadows”

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Witch Tip : Money & Money Offerings

Some notes about money and magick: When you are using a poppet to bring prosperity/wealth to you or someone else, you should use one of each of the coinage (penny, nickle, dime, and quarter), and at least one piece of paper money. When your magick is done, discard ALL of the remnants as you normally would.… Continue reading Witch Tip : Money & Money Offerings

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My Self Dedication Ritual

So I will be sharing my original self dedication ritual with you. I performed this ritual a few years ago and did so to dedicate myself to my journey. You are more than welcome to use my ritual as an outline for your self dedication ritual, but you should change it to better fit your… Continue reading My Self Dedication Ritual