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2017 Holidays

1/1 World Peace Day 1/8 Mercury Goes Direct 1/12 Full Moon (Black/Death Crone Moon), Moon in Capricorn 1/15 World Religions Day 1/27 New Moon 2/1 Imbolc 2/10 Full Moon (Cold/Seed Moon), Moon in Aquarius 2/14 Valentine’s Day 2/26 New Moon 2/28 Mardi Gras 3/12 Full Moon (Leaf/Seedling Moon), Moon in Pisces 3/12 Daylight Savings 3/17… Continue reading 2017 Holidays

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15 Ways to Honor the Full Moon

When the moon is full, we can feel all of its energies flowing down onto us, thus making it one of the most powerful times for witches. During the full moon, many witches, Wiccans, and Pagans perform esbat rituals, while others do simpler things, like drawing down the moon. Whether you’d like to do something simple… Continue reading 15 Ways to Honor the Full Moon

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Drawing Down the Sun

  Drawing down the sun is similar to drawing down the moon, but is also the exact opposite. When you draw down the sun, you call upon the sun to fill you with it’s energies. The sun is is associated with masculinity and the God, so after the ritual is performed, they feel strong, energized,… Continue reading Drawing Down the Sun


Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing down the moon is a very important ritual to many witches. To draw down the moon, or calling the moon, is to invoke the light of the moon and fill yourself with the moon’s energy. Many witches, especially Wiccans, associate the moon with the Goddess and when they draw down the moon, they become… Continue reading Drawing Down the Moon