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8 Crystals Every Beginner Should Have


While I believe in the logic that you don’t need anything to practice witchcraft, there are some crystals I think are essential for any crystal healer’s collection. There are so many different kinds of crystals and minerals that can help your craft; but I picked the ones I believe every beginner, and experienced, witch should have.

Clear Quartz
Clear quartz is one of the most functional crystals out there. Quartz is one of the most commonly found crystals in the world, so it is easily obtainable and relatively cheap. Clear quartz crystals are universal and can be programmed for just about any purpose. They are great for directing and enhancing energy, which makes them super important in crystal grids, healing, and manifestation. Clear quartz is great for meditation, as it draws in balance and clarity. Clear quartz is a master healer and can be used to heal any ailment. Clear quartz does an amazing job at helping one obtain a better spirituality, as well as helping one find their path. Clear quartz is pretty much a must have for anyone who plans on working with crystals.

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, and range from a pale orange color to a dark, almost black, red. Carnelians work wonders with increasing one’s motivation, courage, and creativity. Carnelian helps aid any and all professionals; so whatever career choice you choose, it is a great crystal to have to boost you and your career. It works wonders with attracting luck and prosperity, so it always makes for a great taliman. Carnelian has some amazing spiritual healing properties. It can help you gain a better sense of self-awareness, get your spiritual energy flowing, and aid you in getting on the right path.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is a form of quartz crystal that varies from a milky, pale pink to a greyish peach. It is known as the mother stone, as it is excellent at providing comfort and nourishment. Rose quartz is quite famous for it’s connection with the heart chakra and all things related to love. It can attract love to you, develop a better bond with friends and family, aid you in finding your soulmate, and help you become more caring and compassionate. Rose quartz works very well as a calming stone and comes in handy when one is suffering from trauma, night terrors, and mid-life crisis. Rose quartz is also known to help those with self-esteem and self-love problems.

Citrine belongs to the quartz family and is transparent golden honey, to brown, in color. A large portion of citrine that’s available on the market is actually heat treated amethyst, which gives it a more yellow to orange appearance. Natural citrine is a really nice protective stone, since it does not hold onto negative energies, but converts it into positive. Citrine is a must have for artists of any kind as it tremendously aids the artist with creativity, imagination, and inspiration. Citrine is also good for acquiring wealth (and maintaining it), attracting love and happiness, and intelligence. Since citrine is one of the very few crystals that don’t need cleared or cleansed, it’s great for someone’s first crystal.

Schorl aka Black Tourmaline
Schorl is a variety of aluminum borosilicates that also contains magnesium, iron, and other various metals. Schorl is mostly used for protection, and for good reason: it’s THE best crystal for it. Schorl protects one from any physical, spiritual, mental/emotional, and astral harm. Schorl also has amazing grounding properties. You can also use schorl for gaining concentration, soothing panic and anxiety attacks, helping morning sickness, and getting a boost in energy. Schorl is a must have for anyone who is around electronics, pollution, and radiation, as it can absorb all the nasties, keeping you safe. Another good reason to have schorl is it can help protect you from (and steer away) psychic/energy vampires.

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, and is probably the most popular quartz crystal out there. This stone does wonders in soothing and stimulating the mind, body, and soul. Amethyst is such a great calming stone, so anyone who has anxiety, anger issues, or depression should definitely look into getting one of these. Amethyst is commonly known as the “all healing” stone since it is one of the best healing stones for humans, animals, and even plants. Although cut and tumbled amethyst work wonders, raw amethyst is best for healing. Amethyst is a great stone for opening your third eye, practicing divinations, and getting in a meditative state. It is also a very good stone to help you obtain a higher sense of self and spirituality.

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral and is striped and swirled with various shades of green. There are two things you should know about malachite, it is a soft stone, so it should be handled with care, and it’s dust is toxic, so do not use it in elixirs. Malachite is great for absorbing negative energies and pollutants from your body and the atmosphere around you. It creates a barrier between you and things like electromagnetic waves, radiation, and UV rays from technology. Malachite works really well with healing pain, on the physical, mental, mental, and spiritual level. Malachite is known as a travel stone, and helps one overcome fears of flying, aids in safe travel, and helps reduce jet lag.

Last, but certainly not least: selenite. Selenite is a gypsum crystal with a satin spar form. Selenite is definitely number one on my must have list for so many reasons. A big one is the fact that it can be paired with any crystal or mineral to amplify its vibrations. Selenite transforms negative energy and emotions directly into positive. When it’s pair with stones for protection, especially schorl, nothing can get past it. Selenite is great for your opening your chakras and obtaining a better spiritual sense. Selenite is often used to cleanse, clear, and charge other crystals and minerals. Selenite is good for achieving emotional well-being, mental clarity, and decision making capabilities.

Please keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my experiences, and my opinions that I have gathered from my research. If you disagree, just remember: nothing in witchcraft is set in stone. There is no right way, or wrong way; just your way and my way. If you have something you’d like to add, please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.

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