My Spirit Guides

I have been meeting quite a few new Pagans and witches recently who have been wondering about their spirit guides or spirit animals. So I figured I would share a little bit about how mine came to me (and left) and how they’ve played a part in my life. I’ve had three spirit guides over the course of my life: horse, elephant, and common grackle.

I don’t remember when the horse came into my life, but I think it was about the time I road my first horse (I was about 4 or 5). I do remember that soon after that I became completely obsessed with horses. I had hundreds of horse figurines, statues, and toys. I even had a few posters and a horse imaginary friend. Since I was young and didn’t understand the concept of spirit guides, I didn’t know at the time that the horse was one. I believe the horse was giving me the strength and power I needed to find myself and to be okay with being different. I think this is why it decided to leave me when I found out about Paganism. It wasn’t really a sudden disappearance, it was more of a replace my horse posters with band posters, and my figurines for pictures of my friends, and growing out of my toys.

I started looking into Paganism when I was 11 or 12 after watching The Craft (so cliche, I know). Around this time was also the first time I went to the World Market and I found a little elephant figurine that I fell in love with, and I harassed the living crap out of my parents until they bought it for me. I always loved elephants, but after buying that figurine, I became just as obsessed as I had been with the horses. I soon realized it was my spirit guide (and that the horse was my first). I believe my love for elephants is why I chose the elephant-headed God, Ganesh, as my patron. A few other things the elephant has taught me was patience in myself and my path, knowledge in the craft is important to my path, and keeping a soft spot and an open heart to others should always be a priority. The elephant also helped guide me towards new powers and energies. The elephant left my life when I moved back into my old home. My elephants used to be the first thing I’d unpack, but this last time, I just hadn’t.

I actually realized the common grackle was my newest spirit guide because of my fiance. My fiance has encounters with his spirit guide, the arctic wolf, very often. It was shortly after I became pregnant with our daughter that he began seeing a black bird and a wisp (after she was born, it became a mouse) accompanying his guide. We originally thought it was a crow, since they are often companions to wolves, but he said it was much too small. That’s when I began noticing the flock of grackles that were covering my yard. I noticed they would only be on our property, and never on the surrounding yards. Then they began showing up in flocks wherever I went, appearing in my dreams, and would sing when I was near. The common grackle has only been my totem for a little over a year, and it has taught me quite a bit in that time: to find the love in the small things, I need to start taking action to solve my problems, and to free myself. I absolutely love this as my totem and I hope I can spend many years with this beautiful bird.

Please keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my experiences, and my opinions that I have gathered from my research. If you disagree, just remember: nothing in witchcraft is set in stone. There is no right way, or wrong way; just your way and my way. If you have something you’d like to add, please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.


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