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Witch Tip : Make as Many Social Media Accounts as Possible

One of the best pieces of advice I have gotten is to join as many social networks as possible. Social media sites like Facebook, tumblr, and Pinterest are a great ways to find spells and rituals, people to connect with, and multitudes of resources.

Facebook has hundreds of witchy related groups that are absolutely amazing for both new and experienced witches. Most of these groups are ‘closed’ groups, so only members can see posts and members. Some of these groups are public, so if you are still in the closet, you should check the group’s privacy settings before asking to join. Facebook is an easy way to share what you know, connect with people, and keep up with witchy related news.

Tumblr is also super amazing for witches. It is essentially a blogging site. Not only can you share unlimited amounts of witchy related goodies, you can follow others and like or reblog their posts to save it to your profile. One thing I love most is the fact that you can follow a certain tag (like #witch or #magick) and your feed will show all posts that contain those hash tags.

If you want to keep your book of power online, Pinterest is your best bet. You can save just about anything you find online on Pinterest. You can even create boards to keep yourself a bit more organized. You can search Pinterest for witchy related resources and witches to follow. A really nice feature Pinterest has is the option to keep a board private, so no one else can see what you save, which is super nice for ‘in the closet’ witches.

A few other really nice social networking site you should consider joining are: whisper, twitter, and instagram. Whisper is an app that lets you post little posts and is completely anonymous. There are groups on Whisper related to the craft where you can ask and answer questions. There is an option to see posts near you, so you can try to find other witches near you. Twitter is a nice way to keep up to date with some of your favorite witches. Even famous witches use Twitter. This app is also nice to keep track of witchy news around the world, daily affirmations, and the wheel of the year. Instagram is another way you can keep up with some of your favorite witches and witchy shops. So many witchy shops keep an instagram account to share new inventory, promote existing products, and announce giveaways.

A major tip for ‘in the broom closet’ witches: you can always make a new email for all your witchy related accounts, so you keep your practice in secret. Some social media apps have the options to keep multiple accounts logged in at once, so you can switch back and forth between your mundane and magickal accounts.

So all in all, I think it’s really important to use the internet to your advantage and get your witchy on!

Please keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my experiences, and my opinions that I have gathered from my research. If you disagree, just remember: nothing in witchcraft is set in stone. There is no right way, or wrong way; just your way and my way. If you have something you’d like to add, please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.


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