Lakshmi, occasionally spelt Laksmi or Laxmi, is the Hindu goddess of abundance and prosperity, but not only in the material sense, but also in spirituality in the form of knowledge and wisdom. Her name is derived from “laksya”, the Sanskrit word meaning aim or goal, since she represents what we should be striving towards. Lakshmi can also be known as the Goddess of Light, since she is celebrated during Diwali, the festival of light.

Lakshmi is usually seen carrying two lotus blossoms, which signify spiritual understanding and awakening. She helps us with our spiritual ascension, and finding our true selves. She is known to help us illuminate our soul, which can help us with many things, like erasing our fears that keep us from being happy. The ‘light’ from our souls is said to brighten the path and show us the way to a joyful, fulfilling life.

The origin of Lakshmi’s birth is her raising from the ocean on a lotus blossom, giving blessings and gifts to all those whose path she’d cross. Everywhere she went, she would shine with her love and radiant beauty. All the gods were so awestruck with her beauty, they all tried to court her. Lakshmi chose Vishnu, the god of the sun. Throughout all of their incarnations, they are always together, as they are so tightly bonded. They are allies for soulmates and twin-flame relationships.

When we work with the goddess Lakshmi, she helps us clarify our goals. If we find ourselves to be unmotivated or lazy, we can perform spells or rituals, like the Prana Prathishta, to ‘breathe life’ into our goals and ambitions. There are many different prayers, spells, and blessings that can help give us energy and strength to achieve our goals. If you are a business owner or merchant, there’s a few different things you can ask Lakshmi to help you with. One thing you can do is make an altar on or near your desk with a statue of Lakshmi, basil, grains of rice, and coins. You can make a little mojo pouch with a coin, one basil leaf, three grains of rice, and two stones or crystals of your choice (although pink tourmaline and pearls work best) where you keep your tally sheets to help with your finances. If you are looking for luck with love, cook rice in basil water (cooking adds emotional warmth and energy) and sprinkle on the doorsteps of your home and recite “Lakshmi, let true love find its way to my home. Let me carry luck with me wherever I roam.” You can keep a small amount in an airtight container to act as a charm to help draw love and luck to you.

Lakshmi has two gods that she works really well with, Vishnu and Ganesh. When she is paired with her husband, Vishnu, they work some amazing love magick, as they are the embodiment of soulmates. When you work with Lakshmi and Vishnu, you should burn two candles (red and/or pink), use stones for love (like rose quartz and mangano calcite), and use gold (can be jewelry or coinage) to help amplify your magickal workings. Something you should consider, you should always use two or more of whatever you use, because love takes two beings. Lakshmi also works some great magick with her good friend, Lord Ganesh. When these two are paired together, they can cover some amazing ground by assisting one with abundance in one’s business, prosperity, and knowledge to overcome obstacles. If you carry charms of both Lakshmi and Ganesh, you increase your luck and chances to find opportunities where you can gain prosperity. When you work with Lakshmi and Ganesh, you should remember that Ganesh is quite greedy, so you should try to use a rather large amount of food offerings.

Below is a general list of primary focuses for spells and rituals that Lakshmi helps the most with. You should know that this list is not completely exclusive, and there are way more things Lakshmi can help you accomplish.

Primary Focus of Spells and Rituals When Working With Lakshmi:
-All forms of abundance
-Being content with what you have
-Good health and good luck
-Developing qualities like generosity and gratitude
-Feeling good about yourself
-Allowing yourself to receive
-Getting pregnant and delivering a healthy child
-Finding a good job or beautiful home
-Experiencing the beauty in life
-Diplomacy and meditation
-Gracefully exercising authority
-Skills in fine arts, decoration, and cooking
-Harmonious relationships
-Inner radiance
-Enjoying every form of pleasure
-Giving blessings

Lakshmi by Tina Solstrand

Like all the deities I work with, I use mantras to help with my magickal workings. Here are a few different mantras in the forms of songs that I have used:

Om Shri Mahalaxmi Namaha
Shree MahaLakshmi Suprabhatam
Lakshmi Gayathri Mantram
Shree Laxmi Ji
Lakshmi Abundance Mantra 108 Repetitions

Crystals/Minerals associated with Lakshmi:
-White Pearls
-Mother of Pearl
-Clear Quartz
-Tangerine Quartz
-Pink Tourmaline
-Red Jasper
-Imperial Gold

Please keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my experiences, and my opinions that I have gathered from my research. If you disagree, just remember: nothing in witchcraft is set in stone. There is no right way, or wrong way; just your way and my way. If you have something you’d like to add, please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.

More Information on the goddess Lakshmi:
Forms of Lakshmi
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