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Ganesh, or Ganesha, got his name “elephant-face” from his elephant head. Ganesh is one of the most popular and well known Indian gods. Ganesh is the god of wisdom and prudence. He is also known as the Lord of Obstacles, since he can remove obstacles for his devotees, but can put obstacles in the way of those with bad intentions.

Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesh wasn’t created with his elephant head. It is said after Parvati shown her creation to Shiva, he chopped of his head, not knowing it was their son. Once he realized what he had done, his servants searched for a new head, and only an elephant head was to be found.

Ganesh is a god that is easy to work with, but there are some things you should know and think about before you work with him. Most people don’t think much about where he should be placed. To help raise Ganesh’s vibrations, placing him the the Northeast corner of your home (or altar/circle) is the best choice. If you have a figurine or picture of Ganesh, the color can also play a part in his magickal attributes. A white Ganesh is good for happiness, prosperity, and peace; while a vermillion Ganesh is good for self growth and spiritual work. You should also consider how he is positioned. When Ganesh is sitting, he represents a calm, yet determined demeanor; when he is standing, he represents enthusiasm and energy.

When you want to work with Ganesh, something to consider is the fact that Ganesh is rather greedy and overweight, so you should always try to provide him with many yummy offerings. If you are performing prosperity or abundance magick, a money offering is always the best option.

Just like any other deity you would work with, you would use an invocation to call Ganesh to you. I do perform my invocation in Hindu, since that is his native tongue, but you may perform yours in English if you’d like. Here is a link of one I have used, with both English and Hindi translations.

When I work with Ganesh, I also like to use mantras. I prefer to listen to mine in music form, but I have just recited just the words before. Here are a few links of mantras in the form of songs I like to use:
Om Gam Ganapataye
Ganesh Maha
Ganesh Dhun


I incorporate crystals and minerals in all of my magickal workings, and when I work with Ganesh I like to lay them around my statue of him. Below is a list of crystals that can help amplify your workings with Ganesh.

Crystals/Minerals Associated with Ganesh:
Clear Quartz
Tangerine Quartz
Black Tourmaline
Imperial Gold

There are certain types of magick that Ganesh is best at helping you with. Something you should think about is that Ganesh is good and has a pure spirit, so even if you think the spell is “white magick”, he may not help you (or make your situation worse) if you have bad intentions.

Primary Focus of Spells and Rituals When Working With Ganesh:
Good luck
New beginnings
Overcoming obstacles
Combining force with cunning

All in all, Ganesh is a great god to work with, especially for beginners, since he is easily pleased and working with him is always uncomplicated. He is, and probably always will be, my favorite deity to work with.

Please keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my experiences, and my opinions that I have gathered from my research. If you disagree, just remember: nothing in witchcraft is set in stone. There is no right way, or wrong way; just your way and my way. If you have something you’d like to add, please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.



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