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My Self Dedication Ritual


So I will be sharing my original self dedication ritual with you. I performed this ritual a few years ago and did so to dedicate myself to my journey. You are more than welcome to use my ritual as an outline for your self dedication ritual, but you should change it to better fit your needs. You should wait until the new moon because it’s the best time for new beginnings. It is also best to perform this ritual skyclad, since it’s easier to anoint your body without having to move your clothing constantly. You should also ground yourself before the ritual and find a quiet, comfortable spot. If you’d like, you can cast a circle, but it isn’t necessary.

You will need:
-Blessing Oil (or blessed oil)
-White candle

Sprinkle salt on the floor and stand on it.

Light the white candle and feel it’s warmth. Look into the glow and think about what goals you have for yourself and your spiritual journey. Think about your motives for performing this self-dedication ritual.

Stand before your altar and say:
“I am a child of the gods, and I ask them to bless me.”

Dip your finger in the oil, and with your eyes closed, anoint your forehead. Say:
“May my mind be blessed, so that I can accept the wisdom of the gods.”

Anoint your eyes:
“May my eyes be blessed, so I can see my way clearly upon this path.”

Anoint your nose:
“May my nose be blessed, so I can breathe in the essence of all that is divine.”

Anoint your lips:
“May my lips be blessed, so I may always speak with honor and respect.”

Anoint your chest:
“May my heart be blessed, so I may love and be loved.”

Anoint tops of your hands:
“May my hands be blessed, so I may use them to heal and help others.”

Anoint your genitals:
“May my womb be blessed, so that I may honor the creation of life.”

Anoint soles of feet:
“May my feet be blessed, so that I may walk side by side with the divine.”

“Tonight I pledge my dedication to the gods and goddesses, the divine and it’s magick. I will walk with them beside me, and ask them to guide me on this journey. I pledge to honor them, and ask that they allow me to grow closer to them. As I will, so shall it be.”

You should take some time now to meditate and feel the afterglow of the ritual.

A few things to add would be that I dedicated myself to all the gods, so you should change this if you have a certain deity you work with, or no deity. Also, if you’re male, you wouldn’t anoint your womb, since you don’t have one. Most of these are easy changes.

Keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my opinions that I have gathered from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.

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