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What is a Spirit Guide?

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All of us are blessed with spirit guides. Most people have at least one spirit guide (the one assigned at birth), but some people have claimed to have as many as seven. So what are they? A spirit guide is a being that helps nudge and support us all throughout our lives. Most spirit guides appear when you need some type of guidance with a specific goal in your life. Spirit guides know what is going on in our lives and will intervene when the time is right. They can send you signs and messages in many ways, whether it be a direct sign (like seeing a message over and over), a gut feeling, or by intuitive insight.

Spirit guides come in many different shapes and sizes, and aren’t always in an animalistic form. There have been some that have claimed to have the spirits of deceased relatives come to guide them, although this is quite rare. There are also spirit guides who take the forms of mythical beasts or extinct animals. When people have guides that take this form, it is difficult to make physical contact, so they usually visit via dreams. If your spirit guide is a phoenix, dire wolf, or other beastie, I’d suggest looking into lucid dreaming as you’d have more control over the conversations and you’d have a better memory of your dreams.

The most common type of spirit guides are the ones that take the form of animals. These are much easier to find the meanings of and what they are doing in your life. The meaning of the spirit animal can be applied in a few different ways. The animal’s meaning can have the same attributes of your personality, attributes that you should try to add to your personality, or how you should be during your current situation (this is for new guides). Something many people don’t realize is that the attributes of these spirit guides are not always positive. My fiance’s spirit guide is a wolf, and just like a wolf, he is very family oriented and committed to his loved ones. And just like a wolf, he can be unpredictable, vicious when attacked, and can be heartless. There are negative attributes for all spirit guides, so you should take them into consideration.

Here are some links with some spirit animal meanings:

You may be wondering how you can find out what your spirit guide is. Your spirit guide is so much more than an animal that matches your personality or an animal you really like. If your spirit guide takes on the form of an animal, the animal will act differently than normal to get the message across. My spirit guide is the common grackle, and I found him mostly through my fiance. His totem visits him often and she was accompanied by a little black bird after we decided to get married. We originally thought raven, because wolves and raven often travel together, but he was soon identified as a male common grackle. My yard is filled with grackles, I always see them, no matter where I go, I have often dreamt of them, and I find peace when I listen to them singing. You should look into nature for your spirit guide, animals that stand out or act strangely can be your spirit guide trying to reach out to you. You can also identify your spirit guide by the animals and beings in your dreams. If they have tried to convey messages, appear often, or change the way you feel, it is highly probable that they are your spirit guide. Another way to find your spirit guide is via meditation. There are some guided meditations that help you recognize your spirit guide, but this method doesn’t always have immediate responses. You can also use this spirit animal quiz by Universe of Symbolism. I really like this quiz, and it isn’t like most of the quizzes you see.

Now that you know what a spirit guide is and how to find one, you should know how to connect with them. You can connect with your guides via meditation. There are many guided meditations that are amazing for connecting with your spirit guides, but it is highly recommended that you make your own (or at least “copy” your favorite using your own voice). If you’d like to learn more, I’d suggest reading Rebecca Campbell’s 11 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Spirit Guides. It’s a great read.

Spirit guides will communicate with you in different ways, so you should always keep a lookout for any messages you might be getting. These messages can be anything from a spirit guide showing up unexpected, to direct advice. Most of the communication happens during dreams, meditations, or behavior of the spirit animal. Many have spirit guides who communicate with them in their dreams. This way, you can have a more direct conversation with your guides. You can communicate with you spirit guide by getting in a meditative state and asking for a sign to help you in your current situation. Behavior and body language is something you should look out for. If your spirit totem seems to be anxious, or worried, then maybe it is telling you that you need to be cautious about the current situation. If you’d like insight on a situation and it doesn’t seem like you are getting any signs from your spirit guides, you can always ask them for their input. When you ask them, you should be very clear and specific about what you are wanting to know.

Keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my opinions that I have gathered from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.

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