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How to Use Runes

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Runes are an ancient form of divination that help give wisdom and gaining psychic awareness. The history of runes goes way back to ancient Germanic and Nordic tribes and can be dated back to the 150 AD, although it is believed to be much older.

Casting runes is not fortune telling. It is believed that when you ask a question, your unconscious and conscious mind have combined their energies to give you an answer via the runes. This is something you should always keep in mind. You will need to focus on your inquisition before and during the casting, so your reading can be more accurate.

Like any type of divination, it can take quite a while to get used to reading runes, and even years to master. To help beginners out, many of the more experienced have written in depth guides on how to help master casting runes. These guides will include the meanings of the symbols, their significance in your life, and a few examples of how to cast runes. One thing I’ve noticed that isn’t in the guides I have, is that using your intuition is very important. It’s alright if you are unsure or confused, just remember to document your readings, since some of the answers can reveal themselves over time.

Before you begin to using your runes, you should make sure you are in a quiet place, free from any distractions. You should get comfortable, clear your mind, and focus on the reading. If you’d like to say a prayer, can do so.

Here are some common methods of choosing runes:
-Close your eyes and concentrate on what you’d like an answer to, then choose a rune from it’s pouch. That rune will be your answer.
-Scatter the runes about and slowly pass your dominant hand over the runes will concentrating on what you’d like an answer for. You will sense the rune that has the answer you’re looking for.
-Gently scatter the runes from their bag onto a soft surface while concentrating on what you’d like for an answer. The rune or runes that sticks out the most is your answer.

The Two-Rune Draw

a01 two rune draw

Using a method of your choice specified on the intro choose two runes and place them side-by-side. The two runes will either strengthen one another or oppose one another. If they are like-meaning they will assist each other in a supportive way for you. If they oppose one another it is considered a draw in most situations. In some situations is can represent what is wrong and what needs to happen for it to be fixed.

The Three Norns

a02 the norns

Rune far left: Norn Urd; the past- past actions & situations that relate to the question you asked
Rune middle: Norn Skuld; the future- what will likely happen to answer your question
Rune far right: Norn Verdandi; the present- what is influencing you right now

The Triple-Rune Challenge

a03 triple rune challange

Rune bottom: the present- what influences you right now
Rune middle: upcoming challenges & what you must do
Rune top: what is likely to happen as a result of the challenge

The Body, Mind, Spirit

a04 body mind spirit

Rune left: Your present physical condition
Rune middle: Your present mental condition
Rune right: Your present spiritual condition

The Four Dwarves

a05 four dwarves

Rune top: Past desires related to the question (can also indicate ancestors past desires)
Rune right: Present desires & feelings related to the question
Rune left: Desires & feelings of others related to the question
Run bottom: Represents your heart’s inner most, secret desires; if rune is positive this desire will manifest within 4 months

The Five-Rune

a06 five rune layout

Rune bottom: Basic influences that impact the question
Rune far left: Problems that may influence the question
Rune top: Positives that may influence the question
Rune far right: Immediate answer to the question
Rune middle: Future influences to the question

The Insight

a07 insight layout

Rune far left: Your current position in life
Rune second to left: Your thought-process currently
Rune center: Your heart’s desires currently
Rune right of center: Your focus in life currently
Run far right: Your future influences

The Runic Cross

a08 runic cross

Rune far left: Past situations
Rune beneath center: Present situations
Rune far right: Future situations
Rune bottom: Influences on the question
Rune center: Shows what influences having a positive outcome
Rune top: Most likely outcome for the question

The Seven-Rune

a09 seven rune layout

Runes first & second: Shows the problem
Runes third & fourth: Past influences that contribute to the present situation
Runes fifth & sixth: Shows you the guidance the runes are giving you
Runes seventh: Possible outcome; if this rune is positive & all the previous runes are positive this will be a positive result, if the rune is negative & all the previous runes are negative this will be a negative result.

The V

a10 v layout

Rune top left: Past influences related to the question
Rune second from top left: Present influences related to the question
Rune third from the top left: Future actions related to the question
Rune center bottom: Action to be taken for best outcome
Rune right of center at bottom: Your feelings & emotions related to the question
Rune second from top right: Any possible problems related to the question
Rune top right: Future outcome related to the question

The Nine Grid

a11 nine grid layout

Runes bottom three: Shows the past
Far left: past hidden influences
Center: past shown influences
Far right: present feelings about past events

Runes center three: Shows the present
Far left: present hidden influences
Center: current influences
Far right: current feelings about present events

Runes top three: Show the future
Far left: future hidden influences that will keep away a positive result
Center: best possible result
Far right: feelings about the outcome

The Futhark

a13 futhark layout

This reading is typically done on New Year’s Day as it provides an entire year’s worth of answers. It is recommended that you record the layout & response of the runes where you can refer to it later.

Runes first row starting from top to bottom:
First: How you will achieve money & prosperity
Second: How you will achieve physical health & inner strength
Third: How you will achieve defense or destruction
Fourth: How you will achieve wisdom or inspiration
Fifth: Direction of your life-path
Sixth: Future wisdom
Seventh: Skills to be achieved & gifts granted
Eighth: How you will achieve peace & happiness

Runes second row starting from top to bottom:
First: Future changes to your life
Second: What you need to achieve your goals
Third: Obstacles that may hinder you
Fourth: Successes & achievements
Fifth: What will challenge you & what choices must be made
Sixth: Inner skills that will manifest
Seventh: Life & death situations
Eighth: Your guiding Energy

Runes third row starting from top to bottom:
First: Your legal affairs
Second: How you will achieve growth & beauty
Third: Friendships & relationships in the year
Fourth: Social status
Fifth: Emotional status
Sixth: Sexual influences, emotions & situations
Seventh: How you will achieve balance
Eighth: Gain of assets or wisdom in the year

Keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my opinions that I have gathered from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.


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