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Drawing Down the Sun



Drawing down the sun is similar to drawing down the moon, but is also the exact opposite. When you draw down the sun, you call upon the sun to fill you with it’s energies. The sun is is associated with masculinity and the God, so after the ritual is performed, they feel strong, energized, and powerful. Just like with the moon’s divine light, any of the negative energies you may have, can turn into positive.

Drawing down the sun is usually done during the sabbats. You can, however, perform this ritual any time of the year, but Sunday is the most recommended day. When you draw down the sun, you should take into consideration it’s current astrological sign. They can have different meanings, which can affect the energies you absorb. You can also check into times and their planetary rulers as they also have many meanings and can help if you have a certain intention during this ritual.

To perform this ritual, you will want to be in full sunlight. If this isn’t possible due to weather, you should try to visualize the sun. You should greet the sun, give any offerings if you have them, state your intent, and get into a position of choice. There are many positions to choose from, you can take the chalice position (standing, legs shoulder length apart, arms raised in ‘cup’ formation), or a meditative position. Once you get comfortable, you should raise your arms towards the sun, unless you are in the meditative position. You should then begin to visualize the sun’s warm rays filling your body (or ‘cup’ if you’re in the chalice position) until it is full. Once you are filled with the sun’s warm, yellow light, you should then thank the sun and slowly get out of position.

When you draw down the sun, you should have a circle cast. You should also be sure to ground and center, both before and after the ritual. If you are drawing down the sun as part of your sabbat ritual, you’ll want to do this after you’ve read your charges and invocations (usually the Charge of the God, and the sabbat invocations), but before you perform any magickal workings and take communion.

If you are drawing down the sun outside on a sunny day, make sure you do not look directly at the sun. If you’d like to face the sun, you should close your eyes (wearing sunglasses helps if your eyes are super sensitive).

There are many different ways to draw down the sun, and this is a very simple way to do so. You can make as many changes needed to fit your and your path’s needs.

Keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my opinions that I have gathered from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.


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