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Witchcraft on a Budget

Witchcraft on a Budget

If you’ve looked at prices of witchy supplies recently, you’ll be heartbroken. For those like me, who are on a tight budget, keeping your magickal goodies stocked can be a daunting, dreadful task. Thankfully, there are ways to make stocking up a little easier.

The dollar store will be your best friend, believe me. There are actually quite a few items that you can find at dollar and discount stores so you can save butt loads. Here is a little list of some great dollar store steals:

Candles: Candles from the dollar store are cheap and come in  many varieties; tea candles, jar candles, pillar candles. They come in many scents and colors, but the white unscented are probably the best. You can use this for any purpose, and are great for anointing and carving.

Bowls, Wine Glasses, and Trays: You can use bowls, trays, and dishes on your altar for offerings, salt, water, and oils. Just about all dollar stores carry plastic tupperware, and there are a good handful that carry ceramic and glass bowls, cups, and dishes. Wine glasses make for great chalices. I think a plain wine glass is more elegant than some of the overly fancy pewter chalices. If you decide you’d like to dress it up, you can use paint (on the outside!), tie charms and ribbons on the stem, or glue shells and charms on the base.

Incense: I’m not really fond of the dollar store incense, but if you are really itching for some incense and money is tight, it works. A few of the discount stores do carry decent yet cheap incense. If you are burning outdoors, this is definitely a steal. If you will be burning the incense indoors, you may want to go ahead and spend the extra penny on something better.

Glass Jar: Glass jars are essential if you are participating in herbalism. You can never have too many glass jars, which are ideal for brews, herbs, and salves. Plastic breaks down over time and can end up contaminating whatever it is holding.

Herbs, Spices, and Salt: The spice section is a great place to pick up bulk herbs for cheap. Although it can be quite limited and only carries common spices, it is still a steal. Things like basil, chili powder, bay leaves, and garlic are all used in magick and can be pricey when buying from metaphysical shops. Most dollar stores carry sea salt, and it can be either coarse or finely ground, but it’s usually in bulk form. If you use salt for circle casting, dollar store salt is the way to go.

Seasonal Decor: Before the cross quarter holidays, you should take a trip to the dollar store to pick up some deals on the seasonal decorations.

Besides the dollar store, another good way to save money on magickal supplies is to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk is the best way to purchase herbs, in my opinion. You can purchase herbs in bulk from most stores. Although places like Mountain Rose Herbs is a great place to get herbs, oils, and resins. You can purchase candles, especially tea lights, and incense in bulk from online shops and mainstream retailers, like eBay and Walmart. There are usually great deals on packs of tea lights and small pillars. There are generic brands of incense at Walmart and are usually $1 for a pack of 40. The selection of incense isn’t great, but most stores will carry the most common scents like Myrrh, Frankincense, Nag Champa, and Dragon’s Blood.

Another great way to save money on supplies is to Craft Your Own Tools. Most tools and witchy supplies are easily craftable or can be conveniently found in nature. If you like to change up your altar with the wheel of the year, you can use things you have found in nature during that season. Pine cones for fall, flowers for spring, etc. I also have several Pagan related crafts saved to a Pagan Crafts board on Pinterest that I have found useful.

If you are in need of a book, Amazon is the place to go. Amazon always has good books and ebooks for a very reasonable price. And if you sign up for Amazon Prime, you can get a bigger discount, and many ebooks then become free. Amazon is also a good place for tarot cards, figures/statues, and other witchy supplies.

Suggested Reading: Wicca on a Budget: The Dollar Store Altar by Mackenzie Sage Wright

Keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my opinions that I have gathered from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.


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