Food and Their Magickal Properties

There’s quite a few ways to make your meals a bit more magickal. An easy way to do so is use food that correspond with what your intent will be. Here is a list of common goods and their correspondences.


Alfalfa: soothing, calming, stress, luck, money, abundance

Alfalfa Sprouts: money, psychic awareness, youth

Allspice: luck, health, wealth, business, success

Amaranth: immortality, youth

Amaretto: prosperity, wisdom

Anise: blessing, energy, meditation, prophecy, psychic awareness, divination

Apple: love, rebirth, health, vision, peace, longevity, strength

Apricot: passion, romance, attitude, peace, sweet disposition

Artichoke: lust, protection, personal growth

Asparagus: sex, lust, grounding

Avocado: beauty, love, fertility, sex

Bamboo Shoots: luck, protection

Banana: sex, spirituality, love, money, inner child, prosperity, fun, wisdom, innocence, happiness

Barley: Money, prosperity, fertility, sex, offerings, potency

Basil: love, protection, harmony, money

Bay Leaf: psychic powers, achievement, education, creativity, divination, dreams, healing, protection, awareness, purification, wishing

Beans: money, sex, protection

Beef: energy, excitement, strength

Beer: purification, health, prosperity

Beet Greens: money, prosperity, faerie

Beets: love, beauty, rebirth, survival, fertility, blood

Bell Pepper: prosperity, security, strength, energy, comfort

Blackberry: wealth, prosperity, protection, abundance, money, sex, fertility

Blueberries: positive, peace, warding, protection, acceptance

Bok choy: healing, prosperity

Brazil Nut: love, money, fertility

Broccoli: strength, leadership

Buckwheat: money prosperity employment abundance

Butter: spirituality, communication, reconciliation, enhancing energies

Cabbage: money, protection, longevity, fertility, love, health

Calendula: protection, consecration, love, weddings, warding

Cardamom: sex, lust, love, fertility, clarity, eloquence, marriage

Carrots: banish, dispel illusions, fertility, clarity, clear vision, sex

Cashew: money, increased energy

Cauliflower: lunar, female, cycles, feminine

Cayenne: banishing, protection, purification, cleansing

Celery: peace, soothing, relaxation, sex, desire, lust, grounding

Cheese: completion, enhancing energy

Cherries: sex, energy, potency, fertility, love, playfulness, creativity, divination

Chestnuts: Love, mental strength, foresight, fertility, abundance, longevity

Chicken: health, healing, fertility, nurturing

Chickpea: fertility, motherhood, impotence, frigidity

Chives: addictions, bad habits, dispel depression, joy, banishing, protection, sex

Cinnamon: protection, prosperity, scrying, comfort, love, purification

Cloves: love, money, protection, clarity, warding, lies, gossip, illusions

Cocoa: Love, lust, money, joy, spirituality

Coconut: purification, chastity, spirituality, diversity, protection, abundance, new beginnings, health

Coconut Milk: purity, innocence, purification, nourishing, health, healing

Coconut Oil: spirituality, diversity

Coffee: clarity, energy, mental, thought, divination

Corn: spirituality, protection, abundance

Cranberries: protection, banish negativity

Cucumber: Chastity, fertility, healing

Dandelion: healing, health, strength, wishes, perseverance, divination

Dates: fertility, sex, death, resurrection

Dill: lust, courage, protection, soothing, focus, stress, money, children, uncrossing

Egg: fertility, spirituality, rejuvenation

Eggplant: wealth, prosperity

Fava Beans: luck, dead

Garlic: protection, health, strength, endurance, male fertility, male potency, courage, inspiration

Ginger: energy, stimulating, lust, success, power, money, prosperity, health, love

Grape: sensuality, romance, abundance, prosperity, wealth, love, sleep, dreams, spirituality, psychic awareness, prophecy, luck

honey: purification, love, sex, health, happiness, spirituality, wisdom, eloquence, optimism, weddings

Lavender: love, relaxation, clarity, mind, rest, fertility

Lemon: love, happiness, purification, friendship, happiness, breaking bad habits, addiction

Lentils: peace, energy, tranquility, harmony

Lettuce: sexual stamina, sleep, rest

Licorice: binding, love, sex, protection, binding, control

Lime: love, cleansing, purification, healing

Maple Syrup: longevity, love, luck, wealth

Milk: nurturing, family, mother love, birth, spirituality, fertility

Millet: money, wealth

Mushrooms: psychic awareness, physical strength, hidden truths, courage, healing, health

Mustard: courage, protection, alertness, healing

Nutmeg: luck, prosperity

Oats: money, prosperity

Olive: abundance, beauty, joy, protection, sex, marriage, peace

Onion: oaths, promises, warding, protection, health, banishing, virility, potency, male fertility, energy

Oranges: love, health, happiness, virginity, fertility, weddings, wealth, clarity, alertness,

Oregano: peace, tranquility, protection, luck, health, loneliness, heartbreak, psychic powers, dreams, privacy, legal

Parsley: protection, purification

Pears: immortality, separation, longevity, fruitfulness, lust, love, enthusiasm, strength, energy

Pecan: money, prosperity, employment

Pickles: A pickle is the sum of its parts and so contains the magical energy of all of its ingredients intensified.

Plantain: healing, spirit, burdens, spirituality

Potato: Protection, compassion, potency, wishing

Raisins: abundance, joy

Rice: fertility, abundance, security, prosperity, wealth, treasure, protection

Rosemary: remembrance, memory, love, loyalty

Rose petals: love, dreams, romance, friendship, relieve depression, secrecy, silence

Saffron: love, lust, fertility, wealth

Sage: protection, warding, decisions, fertility, health

Salt: protection, banishing, exorcism

Spinach: fortitude, physical strength, general physical health, prosperity, money

Stock: Healing, nutrition

Strawberries: love, joy, youth, perfection, righteousness, prosperity, peace

Sugar: banishing, preserving, enhancing, protection

Sunflower Seeds: harvest, growth, rebirth, abundance, beginnings, confidence, leadership, loyalty, fertility, wealth

Sweet Potato: love, sex, nurturing, comfort

Tarragon: dragons, banishing, negativity

Tea: divination, meditation, consciousness, alertness, clarity

Thyme: dreams, sleep, healing, protection, emotions, love, purification, psychic, awareness

Tomato: werewolves, protection, warding, health, money, luck, love

Turkey: confidence, gratitude, thanksgiving

Turmeric: purification, healing

Turnip Greens: money, growth

Turnips: warding, banishing

Vanilla: comfort, love, beauty, mood, soothing, calming, clarity, trust, sweeten disposition

Vinegar: healing, health, protection

Walnut: death, fertility, rebirth, awareness, love

Watercress: healing, tonic, aphrodisiac, detox, strength, wisdom, longevity

Wheat: fertility, conception, abundance, money, prosperity, rebirth, renewal

Whipped Cream: joy, youth, celebration

Wine: union, communion, sharing

Yogurt: grounding, spirituality, inspiration

Zucchini: spirituality, protection, sex, prosperity


Keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my opinions that I have gathered from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.


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