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Why Magick Fails

There are many who claim how effective a spell is, while others have no success with the same spell. Magick that don’t seem to work and spells that have a different outcome than what you intended both can be avoided. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, or a well seasoned witch, spells and magick can fail. But why do they fail? I have gathered what I believe are the reasons behind failed magick and what you can do about it.

You were not focused. Focus is very important when performing spells and magick, so if there’s construction in your area, your animals are being needy, or you just can’t pay attention, you shouldn’t be performing magick. When you aren’t focused you can easily skip or repeat steps and your energy can be disrupted, choppy, and weak. To fix this, make sure you are well grounded and in a quiet, secluded place free from any and all distractions. If you will be practicing in your home, scheduling time for other residents and pets to be vacant, outside, or in the other room can help keep you focused.

You were not properly grounded. Grounding before your ritual and spell work is always a must, even when doing a small task. When you ground and center your energies, you are more likely to maintain stable and even energies when working with energies, and the chances of having any negative reactions to the energies drops dramatically. If you aren’t properly grounded, your energy can be weak. To not feel weak and drained after your spells and rituals, ground and center before and after all magickal workings.

You were lacking on the intent of the spell or ritual. You should always know your intent when performing magick. This goes for any type of spell or ritual. You’re probably thinking “I know what I want” but in all reality, you could still be lacking on what it is that you really want. There are quite a few spells that are so broad that it just cannot work. You need to know what you want, down to the last detail. If you ever change even the slightest bit of detail of your intent while performing the spell or ritual, it will fail. Visualize all your energies flowing from you, going to exactly where they’re supposed to be, and you just cut them and toss them elsewhere. This is what you do when you change the intent. Stay focused and plan your magickal workings ahead of time and give yourself some time to make sure you know what your intent will be.

Your desire was unrealistic or impossible. Magick can do some very amazing things, but when you perform a spell for a million dollars and have no business or investments, coming into that amount of wealth is rather unrealistic. Some other examples would be spells that change the color of your eyes, shoot lightning bolts from your fingertips, etc.

You haven’t tried to do anything about it. Magick is influenced by your actions, so if you don’t try to get your desire by changing your lifestyle or performing non-magickal activities, the magick will fail. Let’s say you want to get a job and you perform a spell for employment. Everything you did in your workings should have been effective, but you never put in your resume or tried looking for a job. Your spell will fail, and there isn’t anything magickal you can do about it. This goes for all types of spells and rituals, as magick is not a crutch, and it can’t give you everything you want, especially if you don’t work for it.

Your spell or ritual simply wasn’t meant to work. This may seem a bit strange, but sometimes things just don’t go the way you want them to. Even if you did everything right, magick can still fail if it would interfere with your or someone else’s life progress. Maybe it failed because you didn’t really need it to work, you wouldn’t have learned anything from it, or whatever energies you work with didn’t think it was necessary. When something like this happens, and you have no idea why it failed, you really need to ask yourself the desire just wasn’t as important as you originally thought it was.

You don’t have knowledge or skill. This one is a tad harsh, but if you don’t know the ins and outs of what type of magick you are doing, it can easily fail and even backfire. Knowledge is the key to power, so without knowing what exactly you are doing, your spells are pointless. Having skill takes time. When you are a beginner, you should start out small. Doing complicated spells before you’re ready are almost guaranteed not to work and usually backfire. When you are still starting out, and spells fail, you are more likely to beat yourself down and even quit practicing. So study, study, study.

You haven’t waited long enough for the spell to take effect. Spells are not immediate, and some can take quite a while to take effect. Be patient. For example, you casted a spell to attract love to you and it has taken effect, but you haven’t been able to see it yet. This can be because the person who you were attracting hadn’t had the opportunity to seek you out. Most spells should take effect within a month.

The problem could have been solved without magick. There are quite a few witches who cast spells for menial and what I like to call “pointless” reasonings. You should not cast spells for something that can be easily solved without magick, because not only are the chances of it failing high, it is usually pointless. This is a very common mistake and can be easily avoided. Before you cast a spell, you should always ask yourself “can I (or someone who doesn’t practice witchcraft) do this without magick?”. If you answer “yes”, don’t go through with the spell. If you feel like you need help with accomplishing this task, you can do a spell for assistance. If you are being bullied, don’t do a spell to get rid of the bully. But instead, cast a spell for extra courage to stand up to said bully. Don’t cast a spell to get a promotion, do a spell to help get recognition for all your hard work.

You didn’t write the spell yourself. Writing your own spells is so highly recommended, even for beginners, because not only is it infused with your energies, you also will know exactly what your intent will be. All spells are different and using a pre-written spell may not work because you don’t know the exact intent the original writer was going for. Let’s say you found a spell to sweeten your relationship, everything seems to be what you’re looking for so you use it. But if the writer of the spell wanted to sweeten the relationship because their partner was too focused on something else, and you wanted to because  your partner ignored your feelings, it isn’t really the proper spell for you. If you are a beginner and still aren’t ready to write your own, you change up the pre-written spell to better fit your needs.

Lastly, the biggest reason spells and magick fail; Self doubt. It may seem silly that something so small can be the biggest issue in magick, but it’s true. Without confidence, you won’t be able to do anything well, even non-magickal things. There have been so many beginners who have tried a spell and it failed. This will cause doubt. So when they don’t have confidence and try a spell again, and it fails, they lose it even more. It is a downward spiral that causes so many to leave their paths. What you need to remember when magick fails is that it happens sometimes. Even witches who have studied and been practicing for decades can have a spell fail from time to time. Believe in yourself and your work. If you do, you will be more powerful than you could have ever imagined.

Having magick fail can happen for a multitude of reasons and shouldn’t get you down. Failure is a part of the learning process. You have you learn from your mistakes and move forward. If every witch quit practicing witchcraft because one of their magickal workings had failed, there wouldn’t be any witches left! Failure happens to everyone from time to time, even the greats. Just keep your chin up and try, try again!

Keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my opinions that I have gathered from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.


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