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Tarot Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Tarot is a wonderful tool that helps us gain insight and help us see situations more clearly. Reading tarot for yourself and others can be fun, but you can get confused and overwhelmed easily. If you feel this way, there is a chance you are making some tarot reading mistakes. You can make these mistakes, whether you are a tarot reading beginner, or a seasoned tarot reader. Find out which of these mistakes you may be making and how to avoid them.20151129_172350.jpg

Not Following Your Intuition
Your intuition is very important when it comes to reading tarot, as it is probably why you started reading tarot in the first place. If you just did a reading and in the process of interpreting the results, your gut tells you something different than what the card normally stands for, you should always follow your gut instincts. You should always trust your intuition as books are only there to help guide you and give you suggestions are you learn.

Drawing Extra Cards
Occasionally, drawing an extra card makes sense, especially if you are confused with the results of your reading. But, if you keep drawing “clarifying” cards until  you find one that you like or understand, the message can become cloudy and the cards will have very many different meanings. You should commit yourself to only draw one or two extra cards, and only when it makes sense to do so.

Worries of Messing Up
When people start reading tarot they will always worry about not ‘doing it right’. A basic rule of thumb is to study all the basics and do what feels right to you. You should not focus too much on doing it ‘wrong’ or messing up, but focus on your intuition and personal development.

Research Multiple Meanings For the One You Want
Each individual tarot card has multiple meanings that give them depth and make them complex. You should not ignore the most common meanings, then go diving in on the not so common one just because it fits what you want. You should not go and search each individual card for a specific meaning, just because that’s what you want. You should go with your gut instincts and try not to get pulled into the perfect, more convenient meaning. Just because the results of a reading aren’t exactly what you were wanting, doesn’t mean it’s a bad or wrong reading.

Reading Tarot Too Much
It is okay, and is often recommended, to draw a daily card for yourself. But, drawing multiple times a day to inquire about how your will be, what you should do, how you should react, etc. is too much and is highly unrecommended. Drawing too often will give you so many mixed messages you will only be confused.  

You’re Too Emotional
You just got into an argument with your loved one, you lost your job, a death of a loved one; in these situations, you’re emotionally invested and should not draw a few cards (or any type of divination, for that matter). If you do attempt to do a reading to see how things will pan out while still worked up, your results are more likely to be inaccurate and misdirected. If you want to still do a reading in these situations, you should make sure you are calm, cool, and collected before doing so. If you can’t seem to get it together and you still want your cards drawn, go ahead and search for a third party to draw for you.

Picking and Choosing Meanings
There are plenty of resources on the meanings of each individual card, and some of them often disagree with one another. If you are still a beginner and want/need to look for interpretations of each card, use the same resource for all cards. If you don’t like what one person thinks of a certain card, don’t so searching for other’s interpretations to find one you like.

Multiple Readings For the Same Topic
Reading tarot for a similar topic, even if you change the spread, will only give you different meanings and results. In the end, you will only end up with multiple meanings for the same question and you will be confused to no end. You should read once and only once on a specific subject. But if you feel the need to draw cards on the topic again, you should wait at least one month and/or for something dramatic to happen that could have possibly changed the outcome.

Self Doubt
You should not beat yourself up because you can’t get the hang of it right away. Tarot, like any craft, takes time to perfect. Self doubt will only prolong your progress and it will only cause more doubt. A very nasty cycle that has caused many to quit. Instead, you should study about what the cards mean, start a tarot journal, and keep your head up. You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Using the Wrong Spread
Spreads like the Celtic Cross are far too complex for simple yes/no questions and is often too much for other not so simple questions. Simple questions need simple spreads, even if that means only drawing one card. It also goes the other way around. You want to know about your relationship, how you and your partner are feeling, etc, and you draw one card. One card may not be enough and can completely confuse you. Use a slightly larger spread to help aid you in your more complicated questions. Many people also use too advanced spreads when they are still beginners. If you are new to tarot, stick to the simple and the basics until you can start understanding the cards better.

Not Enjoying the Cards
When you practice reading tarot, you should be happy and lifted, even when the results of the reading aren’t necessarily in your favor. You should feel connected with the unknown and unseen support system of awareness and accuracy. When you read tarot, if you feel stressed or down, or if reading tarot feels like a chore, you should take a break. You should always enjoy the journey of tarot.2015-11-29-18.01.49.png.png

Keep in mind, all of these are based on my opinions I found from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.


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