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Your Book of Power


A Book of Shadows, Grimoire, or whatever you call your Book of Power, is the most important tool for any witch. They contain any and all information that is used in their craft.

There are a few things to consider when making your book:

FORMAT: The best way to keep an organized book of power is have either a 3 ring binder or post-bound book. That way, you can rearrange pages any time. Post-bound books are a bit hard to find, but making one is pretty simple. 3 ring binders are sturdy but are bulky and feel less authentic. You can also keep an online or digital copy of your book, but it can be easily lost or deleted.

TYPE OF PAPER: It’s not super important, but if you plan on drawing, painting, embellishing your pages, you should consider a heavier type paper (like sketchbook paper). Are you wanting plain white paper for ease? Or aged paper for authenticity? Aging paper is simple, but it takes up time and space. I would suggest against aged paper, since the colors can be a bit inconsistent. (I’m a tad OCD and it doesn’t bother me too much).

TYPE OF BOOK: You should first decide what type of book of power you are wanting. A Grimoire is a text related to the craft, but is very impersonal (no personal correspondences, no information about you or your beliefs). A Book of Shadows is the Wiccan version of the Grimoire, very personalized and usually also contains the Book of Mirrors (divination records) and a journal. I have a “Text”, it contains all my personal information as well as any information I might need. My journal is separate.

CONTENT: Anything and everything that is put into your book should be connected to your path in some way. Anything that doesn’t, shouldn’t be put in there. Putting an index or table of contents helps you stay organized. Mine is: Me and Mine (personal correspondences), tools and magickal objects, correspondences (like colors, elements, planetary), symbols and alphabets, crystals, herbology, deities, calendar, sacred texts, divinations, physical and metaphysical healings, recipes, and magickal workings (spells, rituals, charms). The first pages of your book should be your title page (optional) and your book blessing. You should then decide if you want your book to be just writing, or if you’re wanting to have embellishments and drawings. Just don’t let the prettyness get in the way of the actual content.


In regards to which Book you chose, there is only a few “rules” that apply to all.
-All content must have some spiritual or magickal significance to it’s owner. So any junk, or unrelated content, should not be stored in the Book.
-No two people will have identical Books, so don’t let anyone tell you that you are making it wrong. This is excluding some coven Books, as some will give out a Book to all members.
-If you make your own Book, handwrite the pages, and write your own spells, your Book will be more personal and more powerful, as it is infused with your energy.


Keep in mind, all of these are based on my opinions I found from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.


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