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Common Misconceptions

There are a lot of very nasty remarks about witches and witchcraft. Most of these are said out of fear of the unknown, lies from the media and/or religion, or simply dislike of a person. These statements can turn a group of peaceful, misunderstood beings into a group of vengeful hellions. I’m going to cover some of the main misconceptions about modern day witches and witchcraft.

All witches are evil.

Let me start by saying that this is one of the most common remarks made about witches. The media has portrayed witches to be willy nilly, cursing and hexing so they can consume babies in the name of Satan. While in reality, witches are generally a very kind and generous group of people. Most witches follow the “harm none” rule. Which means they cannot do harm to any person, place, or thing. And the small portion of witches who don’t follow that rule, use curses and hexes as a last resort. So, are there bad or evil witches out there? Yeah, probably. But it’s just as common as bad Christians, or bad Jews, or bad people in any group. Should we claim all witches bad and evil because of it? No! We shouldn’t judge a large group on the basis of very few members.

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Witches worship the devil.

Another pretty big misconception. I do believe this originated from the Holy Bible as it states witchcraft is the work of Satan. (Or something like that). For the most part, no. Most witches are Pagan, and since the devil is a Christian concept, they do not believe in or worship him. Now, there are some Satanic witches, but even then, there are some branches of Satanism that don’t believe in the devil. Are there some witches who worship Satan? Yes, but only a very small few.

Males cannot be witches.

Some people believe that a witch is a female with supernatural powers and a male is incapable of being one. I don’t know where that idea came from, but yes. A male can be a witch. Now, some people believe it’s the terminology that’s incorrect. A male practitioner is a wizard or warlock. I don’t personally like either of the terms. Wizard means wise man and was originally used for philosophers, not a male who uses magick. A warlock is a term meaning a male witch who has betrayed his coven. I know male witches who have no problem with calling themselves wizard or warlock, and that is okay. Call yourself whatever you want.

All witches practice black magick.

This is actually quite far from the truth as most witches do not practice black magick. Most witches follow the Wiccan Rede and the Witches’ Creed, both which have rules against doing harm. Many of the witches who do believe in doing black magick, practice as a last resort and use strong caution. With that being said, black magick isn’t always as bad as some people might think. Binding someone from doing harm, keeping an abuser away from a victim, etc.

Witches hate Christians.

For the most part, witches don’t hate anybody. They can see the reasoning in others thoughts and feelings. Witches hate the prosecution and hate they have endured from the Christian religion. They hate how they’ve been looked down upon and treated as if they were evil. I’m sure there are some who can say they hate Christians, but not all do.

You must be born into a family of witches to be one.

This is a false statement. While being born into the craft has it’s advantages, it doesn’t have much effect on the witch. The power witches have, comes from within themselves.

The pentagram is the symbol of the devil.

The pentagram and the pentacle have multiple symbolic meanings. They can represent the four elements and spirit(with spirit at the top), the five wounds of Christ, and the human figure. The  pentagram that’s right side up symbolizes mind over matter, while the inverted pentagram symbolizes matter over mind. The inverted pentagram also symbolizes darker magick, which is why it may be viewed as evil. The pentagram and the pentacle were not considered Satanic until they adopted the symbol a few decades ago.

Witches have to make a deal with Satan to obtain their power.

As stated previously, most witches don’t believe in the devil, the power comes from within, and outside sources generally play no part. There might be a witch out there who has asked Satan to help, but it’s not something that’s common, even in Satanic witches.

Witches don’t look like normal people.

Once again, I blame the media. Not all witches have warts and green skin. You could pass a witch and never know it. Some witches don’t wear black, some don’t wear pentacles, or look witchy. A lot of witches are still afraid of the prosecution, aren’t allowed to practice, or are not out of the broom closet and want to keep their path a secret.

Witches have ritualistic orgies.

This one is just silly. Witches have orgies just as much as non magickal people, just about never. Practicing witchcraft doesn’t just automatically make you want to have sex with everyone. Not really sure where this idea came from.

Witchcraft is the opposite of Christianity.

Not quite. They are very different. Christianity is a religion, monotheistic, and has set rules. Witchcraft is a practice, has no set religion, and doesn’t have much structure at all. But they do have a similarity. The followers are quite devoted, and strive for a higher, purer spirituality.

All witches are Wiccan, since it’s the same thing.

This is also a common misconception. Wicca is a religion and a witch is someone who practices witchcraft. You can be one, either, or both. There are many witches who do not call themselves Wiccan because they do not follow the Wiccan Rede, which you must do to be considered a Wiccan. Also, when someone just converted to Wicca, is still learning, and is not practicing magick, they are not considered a witch. The main reason behind this misconception is the word ‘wica’, which means ‘witch’. It’s where Wicca got it’s name, as it is the religion of the witches.

Witches perform animal/human sacrifice/mulatalion.

I would like to say that no witch would hurt another living being, but animal sacrifice has been known to happen. I do believe it is acceptable and is common in Voodoo and Satanism. Some Pagans, who hunt and raise livestock for food, will hold a ritual when they butcher their food; Giving thanks to their deities for the food and apologizing for taking life. Human mutilation is rather rare. Some witches will draw blood for packs, conjuration, and other black magick. And scarification is sometimes used in a ritualistic manner. I don’t believe human sacrifice happens at all anymore, but it had been centuries ago.

Witches can fly.

That would be amazing. Sadly, we cannot. With or without a broom. While witches can do amazing things, they cannot defeat the laws of gravity.

Witches do not exist.

Witches are very much real. Unlike the witches on TV, witches can’t shoot lightning bolts out of their fingertips, or start fires by snapping. Witches spend most of their time meditating, making natural remedies, and using law of attraction in their favor.

Keep in mind, all of these are based on my opinions I found from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments.

Blessed be, brothers and sisters.


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